Learn how to add one more flash to your portrait lighting with Scott Kelby! Building on the foundation you gained in Just One Flash, Scott teaches you the why, when, and how of adding a second flash to your Speedlight setup. Whether you want to create separation between your subject and the background, add a fill light to your subject, or change the look of the background itself, you’ll be amazed at all the great things you can do with a second flash. Be sure to re-watch the Just One Flash class first, then you’ll be ready to take it to the next level with the skills you’ll learn here.

Course Outline:


Lesson 1: Why Add a Second Flash?

Lesson 2: Flash Groups

Lesson 3: Channels

Lesson 4: Softening the Second Flash

Lesson 5: Adding a Kicker Light

Lesson 6: Lighting the Background

Lesson 7: Positioning the Background Light

Lesson 8: Lighting the Background From the Side

Lesson 9: Putting it All Together

Lesson 10: Using a Softbox to Light the Background

Lesson 11: On Location with Two Lights: Part 1

Lesson 12: On Location with Two Lights: Part 2

Happy learning and don’t forget to share the photos you create with this newfound knowledge with us on Instagram using the hashtag, #KelbyOnePics.