Hi, Everyone! Issue 60 of Lightroom Magazine is now available for KelbyOne members on the KelbyOne site and on the KelbyOne Mags app for iOS and Android.

In this issue, learn how a little planning can help you capture the right images for magical composites, plus creating and adding Tone Map profiles to merged HDRs, the secret of using the local adjustment tools to quickly dodge-and-burn your images, and so much more! Be sure to check out all the latest magazine articles with our Search Articles feature on the website.

Don’t forget that we have “Discuss this Issue” buttons throughout the magazine, so if you’re reading an article or tutorial and you have a question or comment, just click one of those buttons, and it will take you to a topic created just for this issue on the KelbyOne Community where you can ask for help or leave your feedback.

This issue’s cover image is by Gilmar Smith!