When you log into KelbyOne.com there are a bunch of useful links in the navigation sidebar. Let’s go through each of the choices. This is also a great refresher on all of the great KelbyOne benefits that you might be missing out on! Let’s start with the Dashboard, which is your homepage. Here you’ll see your Current Courses, which shows the courses that you’ve started to watch but haven’t finished yet. Next on your Dashboard is Newest Courses. These are the latest courses that have been added to the extensive KelbyOne course library. And finally, the Dashboard shows the Trending Courses, which are the most popular courses at that point in time. You’ll also see several slides at the top of the homepage. We use these to announce the latest course, to let you know when the latest magazine is available, and for other announcements.

The next section in the navigation sidebar is Learn. This is the heart of KelbyOne where links to our online courses, webcasts, and magazines live. Click on Learn to expand that section and reveal your choices.

Tracks is a great place to start. We have more than 40 Learning Tracks from Landscape Photography to Advanced Photoshop Techniques. Each track is comprised of multiple courses that take you from the basics to advanced techniques.

Next in the sidebar in the Learn section is Courses. When you expand the Courses option, you’ll be greeted with a multitude of ways to view the different courses, including by category, Editor’s Choice, Instructors, and much more.

Continuing in the Learn section in the sidebar, the next option is Webcasts. Expand this and you’ll discover Members-Only Webcasts and The Grid. Members-Only Webcasts are streamed live, and as the name implies, they’re for members only. But don’t worry, we archive all the webcasts in this same section, so you can watch them anytime you want. We did a webcast on May 16 that focused on the brand-new KelbyOne Mags app. Visit that section now to check it out.

And then we have my favorite section under Learn—Magazines. (But I’m slightly biased since I’m the managing editor for both publications.) Here you’ll find Photoshop User and Lightroom Magazine, which includes more than 50 back issues. If you haven’t read any of the magazines, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Now let’s move on to Perks in the sidebar. Here you’ll find Discounts and the Toolkit. A lot of members don’t realize that we offer discounts from everything including plug-ins to computers to car rentals. Check it out now. You could save enough money to make your membership pay for itself.

The Toolkit is where we thank you for being a loyal member by providing you with tools to improve your creativity and productivity. You’ll find all kinds of things in here, including eBooks, templates, actions, brushes, presets, etc.

Moving further down in the sidebar, you’ll now encounter Community. Expand this section to discover Discussion and Apparel. Click on Discussion to be taken to the KelbyOne Community. This is an amazing place where KelbyOne members, instructors, writers, managing editors, and even Scott Kelby are helping and learning from each other, and making KelbyOne the best it can be. On every course page on the site, and at the end of every article in the magazines, you’ll find buttons that take you directly to the topic for that course or magazine. Have a question about a particular course or magazine article? Click that button and ask away!

Under Apparel, you’ll find KelbyOne swag, including T-Shirts, coffee mugs, and hats. Show off your KelbyOne pride today.

Next on the list in the sidebar is the Insider. This is a new blog for KelbyOne members only. In fact, you’re there right now, because you’re reading this article. The blog is for keeping members up to date on everything on KelbyOne, plus to show off and share the work of KelbyOne members.

Support is where you’ll find Member Support and the Help Desk. Member Support is where you go to get help with any membership or customer service issues. The Help Desk is where you go to ask questions about Photoshop, Lightroom, or Gear. Our Help Desk experts will get back to you within 24 hours with answers to your questions. People love this benefit, and you will, too, the first time you use it.

And finally in the sidebar, we have Account. Expand this section to find My Account and to Logout. Visit My Account to see when your membership expires, or to change your password.

Well that’s it for the sidebar tour. Just remember that there are great KelbyOne member benefits just a click or two away.