From Episode 574 of Our Weekly Photography Talk Show, The Grid

Dive into a detailed photo critique session where we analyze various portrait images. From lighting nuances to the significance of eye positioning, we break down the elements that can elevate a portrait from good to great. Discover the importance of avoiding excessive brightness, the art of perfect cropping, and the subtle techniques to enhance facial features without overdoing it. Whether you’re a budding photographer or a seasoned pro, these insights will help you refine your skills and produce captivating portraits. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of professional headshots and the minor adjustments that can make a world of difference.

This is the monthly blind photo critique day of The Grid podcast, where Scott Kelby and Eric Kuna critique the pictures sent by the audience. This episode includes landscape shots, animal shots, portrait shots, interior shots, and more. View the full episode right here.