Above: You can really see the reflection in the shot (still LOTS of retouching to do here — this is definitely a retouch still in progress — retouching cars definitely takes time and patience).

Good morning all you awesome KelbyOne members! 🙂

This is far from finished (well, the retouching anyway – but the shooting part is finished), but I was able to rent some studio time in a local studio that just opened with a 35′ Chimera softbox designed for lighting car (is has eighteen 1,000 watt strobes in there, and we still needed to more 1,000-watt strobes to fill in the front and back. That’s a a lotta juice!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this behind-the-scenes shot (and an in-progress retouch – far from finished) of the Model S. I also got to shoot a brand new Tesla Model X while I was there, and will share those BTS and in-progress shots soon, but thought I’d give you a peek at what I’m working on. More in the captions below.

Above: That’s me, with my 5D Mark III on the floor, tilting upward. This super low perspective gives me a reflection from the polished floor of the garage/photo studio. 

Above: Here’s a better look at the lighting setup (these BTS photos, shot with an iPhone, by Erik Kuna). 

Well, that’s a quick peek at the shoot. Lots more to share, soon. 🙂