So you’ve got your incredible landscape photos. Now what?

Images straight out of your camera are designed to give you all the information your camera takes in. To bring it to life, you’ll probably want to bring it in to Photoshop or Lightroom. After you’re done tweaking it, you can ensure your image is sized correctly and ready to export—whether you’re putting it in a book, making a print, or simply adding it to your portfolio!

Here are the classes we think you’ll enjoy at the KelbyOne Landscape Photography Conference!

Remember—you don’t HAVE to stick to only these classes, take as many as you like. And if a class overlaps, don’t worry! You will have a full replay of the conference available until the end of 2020. View the full schedule here.

Your Schedule focused on Landscape Photography Post-Processing

Removing Distractions From Your Photos
with Terry White

Photoshop Lighting Effects 
with Ramtin Kazemi

Color Theory in Landscape Photography
with Erin Babnik

LR and PS Tips for Landscape Photographers
with Terry White

Using Lightroom to Enhance Your Landscape Photos
with Ramtin Kazemi

Printing From a Lab
with Karen Hutton

The Landscape Photography Conference Awaits You…

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