Scott Kelby. You might recognize the name (maybe because we’re called KelbyOne) or maybe not. His classes are consistent well rounded—from lighting and portraits to landscapes, post-processing, Photoshop techniques and more. He’s also a pretty cool boss, but no bias here!

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t taken a class with Scott, here’s your chance—because here are his best 10!

1. Photo Recipes: Dramatic Light

This “Photo Recipes” course by Scott Kelby takes the top spot! In this class, You’ll learn the full process, from the initial setup to subject direction to the retouching of your best photos at the end. All throughout the class, Scott shares additional tips and tricks to help you nail the shot when you try it on your own.

2. Just One Flash

Light up the scene with class #2! You’ve got to love your flash, and in this class, Scott shares all the things he’s learned over time to teach you the settings you’ll use, how to control your flash wirelessly, how to diffuse the light, and how to do it all without breaking the bank. Watch “Just One Flash” to improve the way you light!

3. Top Ten Things Every Photographer Should Know About Their Camera

In this next one, Scott really dives deep into essential camera knowledge. This class may be named the top ten, but Scott manages to pack a whole lot more into each lesson, providing a firm foundation for getting the most out of every tip and technique.

4. Photoshop for Lightroom Classic Users: The Seven Main Techniques You Need to Know

Starting off with the basics of moving between Lightroom and Photoshop, Scott moves on to covering the fundamentals of working with selections and layers, and then builds up from there using various projects to demonstrate how it all comes together.

5. From Flat to Fabulous

Practice your photo retouching and post-processing right alongside Scott Kelby! Scott shares his thought process, his tips, and his techniques for dealing with landscapes, portraits, collages, cityscapes, panoramas, and more.

6. Photo Recipes: Beauty Headshots

Up next, we have the second installment in Scott’s Photo Recipes series—with a focus on beauty headshots! He’ll take you through the entire process, from discussing his gear to lighting set up, and from getting the shots to retouching the final images.

7. 10 Essential Tips Every Landscape Photographer Should Know

There are 10 essential tips that every landscape photographer needs to know, from the right gear and how to use it, to knowing how to prepare before you go and what to do when you are there. Landscape photographers, don’t skip this one!

8. Crush the Composition

Have you ever struggled with a cluttered frame and busy images? Scott Kelby covers the basic rules of composition and demonstrates how to actually apply these techniques in a real-world setting. He also shares his secrets and some trial and error examples in getting the photo you want.

9. Scott Kelby’s ‘Simplified Lightroom Image Management’ (SLIM) System

Walk through Scott’s simplified Lightroom image management system (SLIM) that keeps his drive organized, his workflow simple, and his peace of mind intact. This is a great class for anyone who has trouble finding photos amidst all of their projects!

10. Mastering the Natural Light Portrait: Post Processing

Last but not least we have “Mastering the Natural Light Portrait: Post Processing!” Join Scott as he works through his process for editing the photos from the shoot. In this class you’ll learn the core types of edits you can apply to all of your natural light portraits.

So now you have an overview of classes from the man who started it all! It’s amazing to see the range of classes that our KelbyOne community enjoys best.

This list also helps us make sure that we’re creating content that will be useful and valuable to your interests and projects. Thanks for joining us!