In Lightroom Classic, there’s a version of Develop module’s Basic panel right within the Library module, called the Quick Develop panel. The idea is that you can make some quick, simple edits right there in the Library module, without having to jump over to the Develop module. The problem is, it’s hard to use because there are no sliders—there are buttons you click instead that move in set increments (which makes it frustrating to get just the right amount)—but for a quick edit, it’s… okay.

Now you can adjust in smaller increments when clicking the single-right-arrow: if you Shift-click on a single-right-arrow, it moves up/down 1/6 of a stop, instead of a 1/3 of a stop (so, instead of moving +33, it moves just +17 for each Shift-click).

Excerpted from The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book for Digital Photographers (2018) by Scott Kelby.