From Episode 521 of Our Weekly Photography Talk Show, The Grid

Dive into the fascinating world of vintage photography and discover the intricate process of photo markup that once defined the industry. Explore how iconic images, like the renowned James Dean photo, were meticulously marked up by photographers to guide the darkroom processing. Uncover the artistry behind these annotations and how they shaped the final image. In today’s digital age, the power of post-processing remains, but with a twist. Join us as we unravel the evolution of image enhancement and its significance in photography’s rich history.

To check out the full episode, “There is No Such Thing as ‘Straight Out of the Camera'” click here. In this episode, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna explain that there’s no such thing as “straight out of the camera” anymore. They offer a historical perspective to explain why post-processing has become a must, how it allows you to overcome camera limitations, and provide practical tips on improving your post.

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