It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for you to get your weekly fill of industry related news from Scott Kelby and special guest/co-host Serge Ramelli, a French photographer.

Photo Taken by Kim Doty

Join Serge and Scott at 4PM EDT for another great episode of The Grid. You’ll be able to tune into The Grid via KelbyTV or as always, by a live stream on Scott’s Facebook page or the KelbyOne Facebook page.

Had to miss last week’s episode of The Grid? Bummer! But you’re in luck because you can watch the recorded episodes on KelbyTV. Last week, Scott Kelby, Kalebra Kelby, and Jen Coffin discussed some of their favorite photographers and artists to look at for inspiration. You can also view a full list of the artists mentioned by the hosts as well as the viewers here on the Community.

See ya at 4PM EDT on The Grid later today!