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Mid-Day Madness: Shooting in Less-Than-Ideal Light
By Ibarionex Perello

The golden hour is that time in the morning and late afternoon when the light is so beautiful that even the most mundane of subjects looks extraordinary. It’s the quality of light that makes it worth getting up extra early for because the resulting images can be so remarkable. But what about the rest of the day, which makes up most of your waking hours and shooting time?

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Troubleshooting: If Your Flash Doesn’t Fire (Excerpt from Scott’s Newest Book!)

Once you have a radio controller for your flash, you put it in the hot shot mount on top of your camera, and turn it on. Now, turn on your flash unit, press the test button on your controller, and the flash should fire (sometimes the test button is the power on button, and on some flashes, the test button is backlit, to help you find it in the dark). If you press the test button and it doesn’t fire, here’s what to check…

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