Redesign Keeps Camera Closer to Your Body, Improving Comfort

Review by Erik Vlietinck

The SpiderPro v2 is the second generation of this camera holster for DSLRs. It has a bigger and better mounting plate, closer-to-your-body camera position, and a movable belt part for installing a second holster.

The SpiderPro Single Camera System v2 is an important overhaul of the first camera strap that allows you to carry your camera on your hip instead of hanging from your neck. The holster comes in models for both smaller cameras and DSLRs. The SpiderPro is the DSLR model and you can have that, in turn, fitted out for a single camera or two cameras.

Even if you buy a Single Camera SpiderPro, you can upgrade later to a Dual Camera System simply by adding a second holster—no tools required. The SpiderPro v2 has a broad belt that fits waist sizes from 27 to 50″ and an improved Pro2 Plate that attaches to any professional DSLR. The two 1/4″ mounting threads allow you to securely attach a QR (quick release) plate, but that makes portrait shooting a little bit less comfortable due to the added height.

The first generation plate was quite small but the new one is bigger and features a more secure pin and anti-slip rubber grips that keep the plate firmly seated. On my old Sony A700, I had to position the plate as far forward as I could in order not to obstruct the battery compartment. You’ll likely not have to do this with newer DSLR models.

The new belt clip has been redesigned for maximum comfort with the Pro2 Belt, resulting in a holster that remains tightly on your hip, even with a heavy body and lens combination.

Even the first generation was far less painful and uncomfortable than any neck strap. The new generation only improves upon that. ■