Camera and Flash Trigger for High-Speed Photography

Review by Gilmar Smith

MIOPS SMART + is a camera trigger packed with lots of features and functionality to match your photography style for all kinds of photography projects. Whether you spend most of your time photographing outdoors or in a studio, you’re going to be thrilled about the features offered by this little device. 

The trigger comes with different modes, all of which are customizable, including Lightning, Sound, Timelapse, Laser, and HDR. The trigger can be controlled manually or with an app. When used with the app, you get three extra settings: Press & Hold, Press & Lock, and Timed Released. It has a color LCD screen that makes it easy to navigate through all of its settings. The SMART+ comes with a rechargeable battery, and its charge lasts up to four days. 

There are so many things I like about this trigger. One of them is that even if you decide to change camera models/brands, the trigger will still work with your new camera; you just have to get a new cable. I also like that you have the capability of upgrading the trigger’s firmware through the app; you don’t need to plug your trigger into the computer, download firmware, or get extra cables. 

I had a lot of fun playing with all the settings on this little gadget, and I love how you can configure every setting. For instance, if you’re using sound to trigger the camera, you have the option to delay the triggering by milliseconds, or you can choose to customize the sensitivity of the sound sensor on the trigger itself.

The trigger and the app are designed to give you total control. You can even create three different scenarios using the different modes on the trigger. The app also includes a neutral density calculator for long exposures and a solar calculator. Every single thing about the SMART+ was so well thought out. It’s definitely on top of my list of photography gadgets! ■