Lightweight, Fast-Opening System at Affordable Price

Review by Michael Corsentino

Umbrellas are lighting modifiers typically maligned by lighting snobs like me, kicked to the curb in favor of sexier tools, such as beauty dishes, octabanks, and other fancy schmancy gadgets with more defined purposes. This is totally unjustified because umbrellas are actually fantastic general-purpose, catchall tools. What they lack in control and specificity, they make up for with versatility, portability, and relatively low cost.

Elinchrom’s new line of updated Deep Umbrellas (replacing their venerable Varistar Umbrellas) takes things to the next level, and represents their most versatile incarnation to date.

The line consists of three updated Deep Umbrellas, each available in two sizes (41″ and 49″) with three different fabric options: White, Silver, and Translucent. Unlike typical umbrellas that spill light everywhere, these offer significantly more control over light spread because of their deep concave design. This shape creates light with a more defined edge, increased falloff, and additional modeling—all good things in my book!

Build quality, long an Elinchrom hallmark, assures these umbrellas are robust and up to the task. In addition to high-quality fabric and construction, each umbrella has 16 fiberglass rods to maintain their consistent circular shape. Each umbrella also includes a portable sleeve.

When it comes to versatility, these Deep Umbrellas shine. Elinchrom has introduced compatible front-mountable diffusers and reflectors that instantly transform each umbrella into an affordable, foldup softbox/octabank.

If you’re in the market for a versatile, affordable, easy-to-transport lighting modifier, Elinchrom’s new Deep Umbrellas should definitely be on your radar.■