Series of Compact LED Lights

Review by Erik Vlietinck

Peragos Disks from Vibesta come in three models: the 30C (RGBWW), 304B (Bi-color), and 304P (Daylight). The disks are inexpensive, especially in view of their built-in electronic gels and color temperature control, and their HSS flash capabilities. 

The Peragos Disks are made of polycarbonate plastic and have everything on board, including a 2.5mm power adapter port, a sync cable connection for the 304 models, built-in support for Sony NP-F type, and AA batteries. They come in a sturdy carrying case and my test units also came with hot-shoe camera mounts. The Disks have a simple menu system with very few commands, and feedback is provided on a small LCD screen in a recessed area on the back of the unit. The buttons and rotary knob all have a bit of a cheap look and feel. For example, the On/Off switch is a small toggle switch like what you’d expect on a kitchen utensil. Of course, design is not the most important reason you’ll want to buy one (or all) of these lights; their performance is. 

My testing was done with all of the lights set to 5600K and at 100% output. I cycled through all the power options, and positioned each light 1m distant from my light meters. The results were mixed. 

Vibesta claims they’re very strict about the color temperature of their lights, but my light meters showed variations that differed from light to light, with some of them off by 400K. Perhaps this was because I measured with two light meters and Vibesta used a spectrometer. Luminous output was close to advertised, but the output started drifting—up and down about 2%—a minute after I switched them on. The HSS flash functionality doesn’t work well due to a lack of power. ■