Unique, Modular, LED Light System

Review by Gilmar Smith 

Spekular from Spiffy Gear is a revolutionary and unique modular LED light system, and I’m completely in love with these lights! The Spekular Core Kit has four bars, each one measuring 1.5×12″, and each bar provides 14.5 Watts, making it 58 W per kit. The Kit comes with four hinged connectors, mounting gear, and eight gel holders. Additionally, you can buy a Spekular battery adapter ($130) for those times when power plugs aren’t available on location. 

The lights, which come in an easy-to-carry, laptop-size case, are 5600K daylight-balanced, they’re dimmable, and they don’t flicker. They’re a game changer, given that you can modify them into different shapes and configurations. For example, you can turn them into an octabank, a star, a panel, a triangle, or a square, and all of these configurations create amazing catchlights. They come with gel clips in case you want to get even more creative with colors. You can even make a three-point interview light setup if you use the Spekular Expansion Kit, available for $130 (or you can get the Spekular Interview Kit bundle that includes the Core and Expansion Kits for $680). 

Spekular lights can be used for photography and video, and they’re also the perfect setup for a makeup artist. The possibilities are endless! I don’t think there’s anything else like this on the market. 

There are so many things I love about these Spekular lights, starting with how small and portable they are—perfect to bring with me in my car everywhere. It takes no time at all to put them together, and the fact that I can make different shapes with them blows my mind. And you can easily add them as an element to an image. I love the creativity I have with this kit! ■