Wireless Flash Trigger System

Review by Michael Corsentino

Things have come a long way for the industry and for Phottix since they released their first 16-channel manual trigger for studio strobes eight years ago. With the introduction of the Ares II Flash Trigger, Photttix is getting back to their roots with a new budget-friendly flexible set of manual flash triggers with plenty of bells and whistles. (The Transmitters and Receivers are $54.95 each, or you can purchase a kit that has both a Transmitter and Receiver for $99.95.)

Ares II Flash Transmitters and Receivers are perfectly suited for manual triggering of studio strobes or hot-shoe flashes. Ares II Triggers sport 16 radio channels from which to choose: the first four channels are compatible with the Phottix Strato Protocol. This means Ares II Triggers can be used with any Phottix Strato II Receiver or other Phottix products, such as Mitros+ speedlights and the Indra series of studio lights. You also get four groups to choose from. Pretty cool trickle-down technology in a new affordable package!

Also new to the Ares II is the Digital ID feature that allows users to assign their own discrete four-digit code to Ares II Flash Transmitters and Receivers. This is particularly useful for avoiding potentially unwanted interference from other nearby radio triggers when working around other photographers in crowded situations.

Phottix is also taking care of handheld light meter users like me. Ares II Flash Transmitters are compatible with the Sekonic L-478DR-PX light meter, making wireless meter readings with strobes and handheld flashes a snap.■