Good Looking Bags with Function & Durability

Review by Gilmar Smith 

What makes a great bag? Durability, functionality, and aesthetics, and that’s pretty much Peak Design’s reputation since they launched their first crowdfunding campaign back in 2015. They’re now the most successful crowdfunded company in the world. 

Peak Design recently released their next generation of Everyday bags with sustainable fabrics, improved designs, and new colors and carry styles. The new bag styles are: the overhauled Everyday Tote; radical, new Everyday Totepack; Everyday Backpack Zip; and 3L Everyday Sling. The previous designs have received a few improvements, too, such as new exterior ultra-abrasion-resistant zippers, and 100% recyclable outer fabric. 

I’ve been a fan since the time they released their first bag, and am now the proud owner of three different bags. What I like about Peak Design bags is their overall design and functionality. One of my favorite features is the FlexFold divider, which, unlike any other bag divider, lets you easily stack your gear safely to take advantage of every inch of the bag. 

Recently, I was in the market for a small bag to take with me on weekend adventures with my kids. It had to be small enough for me to walk around with all day comfortably, and still easily store my camera, an extra lens, batteries, remote, and other personal items, such as my wallet, car keys, EpiPen, and phone. I decided to go with the Peak Design 6L Everyday Sling V2. I’m impressed by how small, comfortable, and beautiful it is; and it still holds my Nikon Z7, a small lens, and personal items. 

Besides the 6L Everyday Sling, I own a 20L Everyday Backpack, and a 13L Everyday Messenger Bag. With these two bags, I can carry my laptop and camera gear comfortably and in style. ■