Adding Automated Motion to Your Camera

Review by Dave Williams

MIOPS have labeled the Capsule360 the “World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created,” and they’ve summed it up pretty well! Alongside the product in the box comes a cable to connect to your camera, as well as a USB power cable, Micro USB cable, and a thread adapter to ensure it connects to the camera. 

The Capsule360 is all about lateral, rotational movement. When you have your smartphone mounted, it features the ability to track an object selected onscreen within the app. You can also use your action camera, mirrorless, or DSLR on the Capsule360 and utilize other features. Creating a rotating time lapse couldn’t be easier; but there are also ways to step things up with advanced features, including bulb and interval ramping, long exposure, and HDR time lapse. 

Turning things on their head a little, the Capsule360 can be used for product photography, serving as the stand to capture a rotational image of a product, and it will continue to trigger the camera when used in this way. Furthermore, it’s even possible to combine two Capsule360s to add another axis of movement, allowing both a pan and a tilt with an L-bracket available ($89) to operate the two in tandem. When you do this, each unit automatically knows whether it’s the tilt or the pan within the setup. 

In the app, it’s possible to program movements, which is great if you continually perform similar movements. The Capsule360 contains a rechargeable battery that works for 8 hours straight, or around one week in time-lapse mode. 

In my eyes the MIOPS Capsule360 and the entire modular system is a winner. It’s effective, robust, and the opening quote still sums it up perfectly. ■