Quality, Reversible Backgrounds Available in Three New Colors

Review by Fernando Santos

Manfrotto recently added several new collapsible backgrounds to their existing vintage collection. These new 5×7′ backgrounds are a great solution for photographers on the move who need a quality background that’s highly portable and fast and easy to set up. The double-sided backgrounds are available in the following color combinations: Ink/Sage, Walnut/Pewter, Aubergine/Crimson Smoke/Concrete, and Tobacco/Olive. The pleasing vintage look allows you to create beautiful images with a minimum of postprocessing needed, if any at all. 

I found the items to be of great quality, as usual with Manfrotto-branded products. The fabrics are strong, nonreflective, and almost wrinkle-free, even when they’re collapsed for storage. You won’t need a steam iron, because once you open the background, all of the wrinkles virtually disappear and won’t be visible in your images. Double seams and a strong but flexible metal frame suggest that if properly taken care of, these backgrounds will provide you with many years of good service. 

One person alone can be ready to shoot in less than a minute: Open a light stand, add a background clamp (or the Manfrotto magnetic holder, which works perfectly with these backgrounds), take the background out of its storage bag, pop it open, and you’re done. They can be set up horizontally or vertically, and because they’re double-sided, you can create two different looks from a single background. 

Some people may find it difficult to collapse the backgrounds back into their transport/storage bag. If that’s the case, don’t despair: In fact, it’s very easy. Just watch one of the many YouTube videos that show you how to do it, and your problem will be solved in seconds. 

Out of the many backgrounds available on the market, these seem to be a great option considering their usability, quality, price, and looks. ■