Light Stand that’s Also a Monopod

Review by Erik Vlietinck

The LP605M Convertible 7.5′ Compact Light Stand and Monopod is a two-in-one stand that’s designed to lighten the load for location photographers. It was developed with industrial designer and photographer Eric Au and builds on the popular LP605 Compact Light Stand.

This stand is made of aluminum and extends to 230 cm. The maximum load is 2.27 kg. The top end of the stand has a camera mounting platform already installed. To get rid of that, you just remove it using a thumbscrew—easy as pie. The camera platform has a 3/8″ to 1/4″-20 adapter mounted onto it. Upon removal of the platform, you’ll find a standard 5/8″ top with 3/8″ thread. The stand is made up of metal locking collars, five sections, and four risers. All these are locked and unlocked using thumbscrews that are big enough to be handled with gloves on.

The legs have rubber feet and built-in ground spikes to secure the stand on semi-soft surfaces. The spikes effectively turn this lightweight stand into an outdoors version without the need for sandbags.

It’s very easy and quick to switch from light stand to monopod. There’s only one thing you should be careful with: the stand isn’t air-cushioned, so dropping the risers will hit your flash hard.

The monopod has three feet that are easy to put in place. There’s no risk they’ll accidentally fold up again, as they’re held flat by a spring-loaded lock. Out of the box, the monopod, which has a socket that’s home to a ballhead turned upside down, is locked so you can move it around only very slightly. Turning the locking screw enables the monopod to move freely for smooth movement of your camera. It’s a great idea executed in a brilliant way. ■