Leveling Base with Unexpected Use

Review by Fernando Santos

This level base may be one of the best add-ons you can get for your tripod; but the reason isn’t the one you expect. Let me explain why, but first, a quick warning; not all tripods will be able to accommodate this level base. You need a tripod with a standard 75mm video bowl. 

If you’re shooting panoramas or video, proper level is important, but leveling a tripod on irregular ground is usually a hard task. With the Leofoto YB-75MC you’ll be able to level your tripod head quickly with a minimum of effort: Release the bottom knob, adjust the base position, lock the knob, done! Made of aircraft aluminum, it weighs 347g (12.2 oz), looks robust, and is well built. It’s available in three different configurations: long handle with hook (YB-75LC), regular handle (YB-75MC), and compact handle (YB-75SC), the latter two without a hook. 

In my opinion, the most interesting reason to use this level base is not the obvious one. Let me ask you this: Do you ever remove your ballhead from your tripod? I do, either because I want to use a different one, I want to store it away, or simply because I’m traveling, and want my tripod as short as possible. This leveling base has an arca clamp, which means you can mount your camera directly to it, but you can do more! Add an arca plate to the bottom of all your ballheads. Now add or remove a ballhead to/from your tripod as easily as you remove your camera from your ballhead. 

This is a great use case: Use a ballhead, a video head, change between the two, or store them away without having to screw/unscrew them. Just open the clamp, remove one, add the other, close the clamp. Fast and easy. Love it! ■