Are you a camera wrist strap person? Maybe you use a sling strap or a traditional camera strap. Then there are old guys like me who (yes, I admit this) throw on a photo vest.

But what if you aren’t in any of those camps. You may be a harness person. And if you are, you’ll be interested in the new Cotton CCS G3 Harness. This is a new version of harness from Cotton Carrier. They are a long-established provider in this space and they have continuously improved their products for those who want hands-free photo options.

I tested the very first Cotton Carrier System and liked it, but this is a notable improvement. The new system is more comfortable, offers secure camera storage, and easy access to gear. There’s extra padding on the shoulder straps, a ventilated back panel for extra comfort, and a more balanced weight distribution. There are two front pockets, a rear stretch pocket for storing accessories, a foldable rain cover, and a quieter lens strap to avoid distracting wildlife subjects in the field. Additionally, quick clips make it easier for photographers to wear and remove the harness, while adjustable shoulder straps provide a custom fit.

Front Detail

Back Detail


There are lots of proprietary camera mounting systems out there and which one you use is a personal taste decision. But the Cotton Carrier Twist & Lock camera mount offers real protection for cameras, and their Universal Tripod Adapter allows for direct mounting to a tripod.

Construction Options and Pricing

The product is very sturdy. It’s made with Kodra Synthetic canvas. There are three configuration options: the CCS G3 Camera Harness-1 holds a single DSLR and a long lens; the CCS G3 Harness-2 holds one or two cameras and a series of lenses; and the CCS G3 Binocular & Camera Harness holds any size camera while also securing a pair of binoculars horizontally. The harnesses come in Realtree Xtra Camo and Charcoal Grey.

The product is priced between $119 and $189, depending on the configuration you choose, and is available at all major camera retailers.

Features List

Supports DSLR camera with long lens

Distributes weight to reduce fatigue

One size fits all

Storage pockets

Adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt

Twist & Lock Camera Mount system

CNC machined anodized aluminum hub mount

Anodized aluminum hub with rubber washer

Camera hub mounting bolt and tether strap

Allen key, split-ring, and rain cover


If you want a hands-free camera carrying system that’s sturdy, reliable, comfortable, and even stylish, this is your best bet. Highly recommended. To see the products in action click here and here. ■