Continuous COB LED Lamp with Color Temperature Settings

Review by Erik Vlietinck

The Amaran 100x from Aputure Imaging Industries is a video and photography 100W COB (chip on board) LED lamp that delivers 2470 lux at 2700K and 3400 lux at 6500K at a 1m distance without its Hyper Reflector. It’s the color temperature customizable sibling of the Amaran 100d with the same form factor and the same affordable price. I tested the lamp under several circumstances. 

I first tested the Amaran 100x’s color temperature going through the luminance settings from 10–100% in 20% increments. What I found was a relatively accurate COB LED light at 2700K with a variation across the luminous levels of about 5%. The accuracy also varied across color temperatures; for example, at 6500K, the light has a color temperature that’s 15% warmer than advertised. Still, for a light that allows for fully variable color temperature settings, these figures aren’t bad at all. 

Furthermore, the 100x has a CRI and TLCI of 95+, an SSI (Tungsten) of 86, and an SSI (D56) of 74. The lower SSI (D56) figure shows that the light has considerable peaks and troughs throughout its spectrum, while the SSI (Tungsten) value represents a good color rendering. Note: SSI values always relate to a particular type of camera; therefore, your camera may deliver better or worse color rendering with the same light source. 

In practical terms, the Amaran 100x has many advantages. As with the 100d, you don’t hear its built-in fan, not even after prolonged periods of time running the light at full output. The Amaran 100x is an LED fixture that’s powerful enough to be used in average-sized rooms with a ceiling no higher than 3m. As its sibling, the 100d, it has a nicely strong output with the Hyper Reflector installed. 

Both the Amaran 100x and 100d come with a Bowens mount, and Aputure has a nice set of accessories specially tuned for these fixtures that also won’t break the bank. ■