Lightweight Monopod with DocZ2 Footwear Provides Sturdy Platform

Review by Dave Williams

The Alan 2.0 monopod from 3 Legged Thing is clearly the successor of the original Alan, but how does it fare in comparison to its predecessor? Quite well, actually. I’ve always believed that we should invest sensibly in our tripods, monopods, and camera straps because we trust them with the most valuable thing in our arsenal: our cameras. 

The design and construction of the Alan 2.0 is as one would expect of 3 Legged Thing, with obvious attention to detail resulting in excellent versatility and efficacy. Using carbon fiber and aircraft grade-alloys, the Alan 2.0 provides a strong, robust platform that saves on weight. It can support a 132-lb (60 kg) load atop its five leg sections. 

Weighing in at only 1.35 lbs (615 g) and measuring 17.32″ (440mm) when collapsed, it fits nicely in luggage. With the DocZ2 attached, it weighs 2.45 lbs (1.1 kg) and can collapse down to 19.68″ (500mm). 

The DocZ2, which is part of the 3 Legged Thing’s footwear range, can be used as a standalone mini tripod and is also constructed from top-notch materials. It features a “boot” underneath to prevent any unwanted over-flexing when you accidentally apply a little extra pressure. 

Alan 2.0 features elements unique to 3 Legged Thing, such as their patented Tri-mount plate that includes hollow spurs, which are great for attaching accessories or tidying cables. There’s also the Big Grip, offering great purchase for even a gloved hand, and the refined leg locks include anti-rotation Chicken Lips that also work very well. 

For any photographer or videographer looking to add a monopod to their gear, the Alan 2.0 with the DocZ2 is brilliant value for the money. With world-class engineering and design, it performed flawlessly during my testing. ■