Magnesium Alloy Tripod with AirHed Neo 2.0 Ballhead

Review by Dave Williams

The Corey 2.0 is ideal for photographers looking for an ultra-compact travel tripod system that packs up into carry-on luggage, with a folded length of 14.2″ (36.1cm) that opens and expands all the way to 57.4″ (1.46m). The load capacity is rated at 30 lbs (14kg) which comes from a tripod weight of 3.92 lbs (1.78kg). 

It’s clear to see that the tiniest details have been considered in upgrading from the original Corey design. The material used for construction is aircraft grade magnesium alloy, which combines strength with lightness. Each of the three legs is detachable, compared to the one detachable leg on its predecessor. This means that when one leg is removed to use as a monopod, microphone boom, or any other purpose, rather than being left with a useless two-legged thing, we have three monopods at our disposal. It’s a simple move, but it’s utter genius! 

The included 3 Legged Thing AirHed Neo, a bespoke and well-constructed ballhead, mounts on the patented trimount plate at the top of the center column, which has also been overhauled. The design is now chunkier, which offers better ergonomics to those less able or those of us who regularly wear gloves when shooting in colder climates. 

The legs tighten and loosen with chunky, twist grips, which are easy to operate and lock into place very well. With the detachable legs, it’s important to hold the leg rather than the center column when unscrewing or, instead of unscrewing the leg lock, the leg itself may become detached. Other than that (operator error until you get used to it), I can find no fault with the 3 Legged Thing Corey 2.0 having put it through its paces in all weathers and conditions, trying my hardest to break it but failing to do so! ■