Puppy Photography

Puppies love to wiggle and explore and nibble! And while that’s exactly what makes them so darn adorable and lovable, that’s also what makes puppy photography and difficult.

Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography shares a trick for making puppy photography easier in this week’s Photo Tip Friday. Watch the video above to see what Kaylee did to get the puppies to sit still long enough to get a great photo.

Dog portrait of 3 dogs sitting on a dock with their tongues hanging out.

Want to learn more about dog photography?

You’re in luck! Kaylee Greer shares more pup portrait secrets in this class, “Adventures of Becoming a Dog Photographer.

From photographing rescue dogs, to shooting the cover of Nat Geo Wild Magazine, to a commercial shoot for Guiness, Kaylee Greer tells the stories behind some of her more iconic dog photos.

If you want more of a coaching sessions type class from Kaylee, she’s got three other classes for you too!

These dog photography classes reveal hard earned tactics that will show you exactly what Kaylee does when she’s faced with situations like photographing multiple dogs, dogs with different colored coats, untamed puppies, and more!

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