It’s the last day of the KelbyOne 12 Days of Christmas giveaway series. If you’re a Pro member, have you claimed your treats and goodies yet?

It’s not too late to join in on the Christmas cheer! In the true magic of Christmas, the elves here at the K.O. workshop are offering our Pro Annual membership at a low price of $159 from now until January 4th. Join now to get in on all the Christmas freebies.

To see an updated description of the presents we’ve released to date, check out the Creative Toolkit or come back here to the KelbyOne Insider. Now let the gift-giving begin!

Day 1:  Training Video: Mastering the Model Shoot

We love to photograph models, but often it stops there—a pretty girl with great lighting in front of a great background. If you have been wanting to go further, from okay to wow you simply need to watch this course from Frank Doorhof, based on his popular book Mastering the Model Shoot. Get this gift here!

Day 2: PS Actions: Skin Retouching Essentials

This Photoshop action pack contains five of the most popular, time-saving actions for skin retouching from SharkPixel by Kristina Sherk.
 Access these actions now!

Day 3: Nightscape Preset Pack

Make your nighttime cityscapes, dark street scenes, and twilight landscapes come alive with these 12 Lightroom Presets created by Erik Kuna. Claim this giveaway!

Day 4: 9 Pictures 9 Stories eBook

Next up: a free eBook from Ibarionex Perello! He’ll cover each of these shots in-depth and share the stories, settings, and favorite moments behind them! Head on over to the Creative Toolkit to find your gift.

Day 5: PSD Elements: Fire, Lighting, and Textures

Bret Malley has pulled together a fun little PSD file containing his favorite lighting effects—the same effects he uses throughout various projects of his own. Go to the toolkit to download yours now.

Day 6: Training Video: Replacing Skies

Join Serge Ramelli and learn the secrets and techniques to easily replace bad skies. He’s provided a few of his favorite replacement skies so you can follow right along. Head on over to the Toolkit to watch.

Day 7: Top 5 Things I Wish I’d Known About Photography

On the seventh day of Christmas, KelbyOne gave to me—an awesome segment with Sam Haddix and Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography. We can’t wait to tune in! Listen here.

Day 7 (Bonus!): Coloring Pages by Victoria Pavlov

Today’s bonus giveaway comes from photographer & designer Victoria Pavlov. Regardless of your skill level, you will be amazed at what you can do with these coloring pages. Go check your Toolkit!

Day 8: Luminosity Masks

Control the light and shadow values of an image with ease using these luminosity masks actions, created by Gilmar Smith to make your life easier! This gift can be found in your Toolkit!

Day 9: Training Course: Shoot for More Money—Adding Video to A Still Shooting Business

Join Larry Becker over on his website for this complimentary course. Use code K12020, and then navigate to the “Shoot for More Money Course”. Download the presets and start creating!

Day 10: eBook: Speed-Learning Advice for Making Awesome Images

Join Rick Sammon for 12 simple speed-learning tips that he calls “Sammonisms”. Learn where to put your focus, where to place highlights, and more. Download your freebies now!

Day 11: Quick Guide: Sunrise & Sunset

Master your sunrise and sunset photos with this quick fact sheet created by Dave Williams. You’ll never see sunrises and sunsets the same.  Head on over to the Creative Toolkit for your 11th gift!

Day 12: 12 Photoshop Sky Replacement Images

Take your photos from boring to exciting with 12 of Scott Kelby’s best sky photos. These photos can be used in Photoshop’s Sky Replacement feature.  Merry Christmas Eve—go check your toolkit!

Have a Happy Holiday season, everyone! We hope that you enjoy your gifts!