Member Monday Featuring Karen Michul

Butterflies are a fleeting and fragile subject. Even the slightest of motions can send them fluttering away—so one must sure to keep a steady hand and calm disposition!

Today, featured KelbyOne member Karen Michul introduces herself and the subject of her captivating photo. Read on for more!

About the Photo

We don’t often see Gulf Fritillary butterflies in Central Kentucky, so you can imagine how surprised I was to capture this beauty! The weather here has been very tropical for August & September and sometimes these beauties find their way into our area. I captured this photo on the grounds of the gorgeous Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. I’ve always wanted to see a Gulf Fritillary in person and I was so excited to capture this one! 

Gear and Software

Camera: Canon T5iLens:  EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USMI used Photoshop to do minimal editing to this photo. I used Camera Raw to make minor changes with regards to highlights, shadows, and dehazing. 

Photography Preferences

I am primarily a nature/butterfly/insect/flower photographer. Butterflies are my passion. 

Photography Inspiration

I recently attended Photoshop World in Orlando. Every class I attended inspired me in some way. Even if they weren’t focused on my subject of choice. I tried to come away with something from all of them. There are several courses and tracks on macro photography on KelbyOne that I have utilized in my training. 

Favorite KelbyOne Classes

It’s not a class, but I especially loved the article by Rick Sammon “Catching Butterflies with your Camera” in Lightroom Magazine. I have also followed his courses on KelbyOne and found them very informative. 

Connect with Karen

You can connect with Karen via her Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Show her some love if you enjoy her work, and be sure to support your fellow KelbyOne community members!

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