Member Monday Featuring Barrie Tumbridge

Ready to meet another another KelbyOne Member? This time, we’d like you to meet Barrie Tumbridge. Based out of the UK, Barrie has over 40 years experience. Barrie created the photo you see below. Keep reading to get the full story behind the image.

About the Photo

This is an image of the Choir in St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Normally photography is not allowed inside the Cathedral. Once or twice a year, tickets are sold to photographers to photograph in the evening. It is usually very busy and of course it’s a free for all and tripods are not allowed. Taking a picture without another photographer getting in your shot is rare. St Paul’s is one of our most beautiful buildings and the resting place of Lord Nelson, Christopher Wren and the Duke of Wellington. 

Gear and Software

I used a Canon EOS 5D MK III with a EF16-35mm f/2.8L USM. This is HDR blend of 5 images, hand held at ISO 5000. The images were blended in Photoshop as RAW images. They are saved as 32 bit TIF files, which are then processed in ACR. I also use Topaz and Onone software to finish the final image to remove noise and to keep the image as natural as possible.

Photography Preferences

Although I enjoy landscape photography, interiors of Cathedrals and other historic buildings really interest me. I also love floral still life.

Photography Inspiration

I have followed Scott Kelby since I bought his first Photoshop book. Much of my present HDR workflow was learned from Scott of Trey Ratcliffe

Favorite KelbyOne Class

I have become very interested in floral photography since I watched the course by Melanie Kern-Favilla on floral photography. Not something I have never been good at but I am beginning to master the art. 

Discover more HDR photography by Barrie Trumbridge on his website! Also, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram to get regular updates on his photography.