Over the past few weeks, our very own Scott Kelby has taught some amazing classes on Mastering the Natural Light Portrait. We thought for this Member Challenge you should put your new knowledge to good use and take your own natural light portraits!

Make sure to check out Scott’s classes: Part I and Part II, as well as take a look at some inspiration below:

We got a lot of great variety in your still life images and hope to see that same level of technique and creativity in your natural light portraits!

There are a few rules though:

  • Entrant must be a KelbyOne Pro member to submit their work into the contest
  • Work must be original to the entrant
  • Work must be created within the timeline given (2/23/18 – 3/23/18)
  • Images must be submitted by 3/23/18 at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Entry must be submitted in the Community thread as a comment with the image attached
  • The winner of this Member Challenge will be announced by 4/5/18 on the Insider—the winner will receive a Member Challenger Winner t-shirt and bragging rights!

After you’ve created your image, head on over to the Member Challenge 19 | Natural Light Portraits thread on the Community and submit your work via a comment. Details, rules, and the prize information can be found there as well.

Good luck to all! And remember, have fun!