What is a Photo Walk?

Jefferson Graham is in search of the best photo spots in cities across the globe—Hawaii, Japan, Europe, the Pacific Northwest, and Southern California—just to name a few. In his latest video, Jefferson shares what a Photo Walk is, and highlights his favorite moments while exploring!

Embarking on a Photo Walk is all about keeping your eyes peeled and your mind open. It’s your chance to see a city in a new light, close in on the unique details of an overshot tourist destination, or pick up photo pointers from new friends on the way!

Jefferson Graham will join Scott Kelby on October 5th for the 12th annual Worldwide Photowalk. We invite you to see these sights for yourself and pick up on some camera tips along the way. What are you waiting for—let’s get walking!

Walk the World with Jefferson Graham

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You can connect with Jefferson via his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or website. Happy Photo Walking!