Photoshop—we love it, but sometimes it’s just so powerful that we don’t know where to start on a project.

Lucky for you, our instructors are AWESOME at breaking down the wide variety of actions you can take in Photoshop. From working with brushes to retouch skin to special effects and landscape adjustments.

Watch these 5 quick Photo Tip Friday videos to help your Photoshop editing!

1. Eye Replacement in Photoshop with Kristina Sherk

Swap out soft-focus eyes in Photoshop for tack sharp eyes using this quick guide from Kristina Sherk. Learn more about Photoshop Compositing in her full class.

2. Curve Adjustments with Bret Malley

In this Photo Tip Friday, you’ll unlock the power of Curves in Photoshop! When you’re done, check out the entire class with Bret Malley!

3. Adding Texture with Unmesh Dinda

Unmesh Dinda shows you how to enhance an image with the addition of texture! Watch Unmesh’s class for more tips and tricks.

4. Dodge & Burn with Ramtin Kazemi

Ramtin Kazemi covers an essential technique for dodging and burning without losing color saturation. Ready for more advanced Photoshop techniques that will improve your travel photography? Watch Ramtin’s full class!

5. Photoshop Tips with Dave Clayton

Join Dave Clayton as he creates a grungy, halftone image in Photoshop. If you want to learn more, check out Dave Clayton’s class!

Watch our library of Photoshop courses and other Photo Tip Friday videos for more learning and creative practice!