Every day of every year, our goal is to provide you all with the best experience possible. We take all of your comments and suggestions to heart because, at the end of the day, we want you to truly enjoy learning. That’s why we’re constantly making changes. Sometimes the changes are obvious—like when we overhauled the website—and sometimes they’re more subtle, which is why we thought you’d like to see our accomplishments for 2017:

Created the Community Forum
A place where members can go to meet each other and exchange ideas.

Added a Member Store
Now you can buy KelbyOne apparel and rep your favorite photography training company—we’ve got shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and jackets.


Hosted 18 more Member Only Webcasts
Our Member Only Webcast topics ranged from the business side of photography to travel photography to retouching, to Lightroom Mobile.

Started Member Only Critiques
The popular Grid segment, Photo Critique, has been transformed into an exclusive member’s-only webcast where Scott Kelby provides honest feedback to images submitted by members.

Developed a Tutorials Section
Learn quickly with over 250+ quick tips and Photoshop tutorials.


Expanded our Magazine Library
Added 50 back-issues of Photoshop User magazine and all 35 issues of Lightroom Magazine.

Developed New iOS and Android Apps with Unlimited Offline Access
Now you can watch your KelbyOne classes with or without an internet connection. All you have to do is download your courses to your device while you have a connection and then you’re free to watch them anywhere you want!


Created a New Magazine App
Download and read your favorite issues of Photoshop User magazine and Lightroom Magazine.

Built and Released a New, Faster Website
This includes an update to our search feature to allow for easier searching. Now watching classes, webcasts, tutorials, and accessing your discounts, creative toolkit, my accounts page and searching the website, is easier and more enjoyable. 

Added the Toolkit with 14 Perks (Constantly Growing too!)
Some of the Toolkit‘s downloads include Lightroom print templates, The Adobe Photoshop Creative Megapack, and Scott’s Ultimate Book of Chapter Intro’s.

Began the Member Blog, The Insider
Get the latest updates and stories, compete in contests, and read up on all the industry-related news we have to offer on the Insider.

Added More HelpDesk Support
Got a technical question? Need a course recommendation? Our HelpDesk has got you covered.

Added New Discounts
Drobo, LandscapePro, Corel, ShutterBands, Retouching Academy, Fontself and Viewbug were all added to the list of over 55 partners to offer KelbyOne Member discounts in 2017.

Created New Tracks
Dive into topic specific learning with over 25 tracks to choose from.

Generated 56 New Courses
Courses from 2017 came from top instructors like Scott Kelby, Karen Hutton, Thomas Grubba, Kristina Sherk, Rick Sammon, Stella Kramer, Dave Cross, Peter Hurley, Kaylee Greer, Dave Clayton, Rob Foldy, Richard Bernabe, Terry White, Tracy Sweeney, Viktor Fejes, Serge Ramelli, Moose Peterson, Trey Ratcliff, Dave Black, Tim Wallace and more…

Even though we achieved a lot in 2017, we still have big plans for 2018, like class certifications for our pro members! You can also expect more classes, more tutorials, more webcasts, toolkit items, tracks, discounts, magazines, added member benefits for Photoshop World: A KelbyOne Conference, and more.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made so far. Stay tuned for more another post coming soon about what changes you can expect in 2018!