As CEO and frontman of KelbyOne, Scott Kelby has picked up quite a few tips and tricks over the years. Every Friday, we give you guys one technique to improve things like camera techniques, Lightroom workflows, Photoshop actions, and more!

Watch these 10 quick Photo Tip Friday videos, and Scott Kelby will guide you to create INCREDIBLE images!

1. Photoshop Hair Selections

Create fuller, lusher, hair selections when masking in Photoshop using this quick trip!

2. Pen Tool

Scott Kelby shows us all about post-processing our architectural shots. When you want to use the pen tool, you’ll be glad you watched our Photo Tip Friday video! Learn how to create stunning black and white fine art architectural photography.

3. Sharp Focus 

Find out where you need to be focusing your camera in portrait photography! Watch as Scott Kelby shows you in this Photo Tip Friday video. Then, learn how to light your portraits on location in the full class.

4. Framing the Shot

Instead of creating a travel snapshot, create a timeless travel photo with this quick and easy tip from Scott Kelby. Watch ‘Capturing the Essence of a City’ for more awesome techniques like this!

5. Silky, Smooth Water

How do photographers get the water looking silky and smooth in their shots? Scott Kelby and Larry Becker reveal the must-have tool you’ll need to achieve this look in this quick tip.

6. Off-camera Flash

Learn how to create natural-looking lighting while using an off-camera flash in this Photo Tip Friday!

7. Edit Portraits in Lightroom Classic

See how you can still use Auto-Tune in Lightroom Classic to edit portraits with this quick tip from Scott Kelby.

8. Draft Mode Printing

Speed up your printing process with this Draft Mode Printing Photo Tip Friday.

9. Open Lightroom Photos in Photoshop

Scott Kelby shows you how to open your Lightroom photos in Photoshop—without switching programs. It’s just one of the MANY changes Adobe rolled out in the Adobe Photoshop CC update.

10. Photo Books

Scott Kelby shows us all about formatting images for print. If you ever see this warning in Lightroom Classic, you’ll be glad you watched our Photo Tip Friday video! Create beautiful photo books in Lightroom classic with this knowledge-packed class!

Scott Kelby and our other instructors have TONS of learning content on KelbyOne to boost your skills. Continue your journey—we’re excited to see where you go!

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