It’s a British Invasion! Okay well technically, it’s an American invasion—one American specifically…alright the metaphor doesn’t really track. BUT Scott Kelby is bringing his live stream Ultimate Photography Crash Course to the good people of the UK.

Whether you’re in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England—the whole United Kingdom is invited to the party!

Experience a Live Day of Learning with Scott Kelby

April 22nd, 2020 is your day to get a head start on learning photography! Whether you want to dive deeper into learning software or go work on your portrait lighting, the Ultimate Photography Crash Course offers a day of in-depth training with our favorite instructor—Scott Kelby!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Once you’re logged into the live stream, we’ll kick off the day with a session on shooting landscapes. Rivers, streams, mountains, beautiful cloudy skies—you name it, Scott has shot it.
  • Scott Kelby knows what he didn’t know, and he’s going to share that knowledge of the unknown with you. Confused? Scott’s second segment: ‘The 10 Things I Wish I Had Learned Sooner’ will clear that up for you!
  • Lunch: We’re still working on a way to send lunch digitally, but trust us the food is piping hot and delicious! (Here’s where you get a 1-hour break)
  • After lunch, Scott will share techniques for flattering portraits that make people say “That’s the best shot anyone’s ever taken of me.”
  • New gear is nice, but Scott Kelby devotes an entire hour of this event to show you how to use the tools you already have to get super high-quality photos!
  • We’ll all end the day in the kitchen for some photo recipes! No sharp knives or ovens are required for this session, just some simple easy-to-follow setups!

A live stream means that you’ll be able to go back and rewatch any session for up to 30 days. That means more time to learn at your own pace—digital learning for the win!!

But now we’re feeling sentimental for some of the previous trips we’ve made to the land across the pond.

A look back at our favorite UK memories…

Scott Kelby speaking at The Photography Show in March 2016

Scott’s trip to speak at The Photography Show Back in 2016 resulted in amazing shots and friendships formed.

Peter Treadway, Dave Williams, and Scott Kelby posing in front of St. Paul's Cathedral.

This was an experience that we will never forget! Click here to see more from this unforgettable trip.

More recently, on last year’s trip to the UK, we had to catch up with these blokes. (See, we’re up on the latest hip, British slang!) Peter Treadway and Dave Clayton are two Brits we’re always happy to see!

Dave Clayton, Jordan Kelby, and Peter Treadway enjoying a meal in the UK.

We would fly to Heathrow in a heartbeat if it meant we could see all of your beautiful faces in person. But because that’s just not realistic right now, we thought ‘What can we do to build something fun, action-packed, and engaging for our UK friends?’.

We’re chuffed to bits to announce our latest Ultimate Photography Crash Course UK Live Stream event. Phew! That’s a mouthful, but you guys are worth the really long title.

We hope that you’ll join us on April 22nd, for an amazing day of laughs, learning, and bad puns—lots of those.