Sure you can bounce around from class to class at Photoshop World West, but if you want to find the tracks best suited for you, just use our statement guide below! Each statement corresponds to a track and provides a brief description of what you can expect to learn. Find the one that sounds the most like you and start exploring the 7 tracks and 100+ classes you’ll see in Vegas!

Attached to a camera at all times…That’s me!

Learn to tell a story with Karen Hutton, stay true to the wildlife photography craft with Moose Peterson, or live your dream career with Kaylee Greer. Lean into the viewfinder and learn the techniques the pros use! You’ll find yourself right at home with the photography track.

I live for selections, masks, and layers.

There’s a reason it’s called Photoshop World! We offer Photoshop courses on a variety of different topics each day. Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, there is sure to be something for you. You might just find a touch of Photoshop magic!

How do I make my great shots really stand out?

If you’re interested in Lightroom, this is the conference for you! With instructors like Matt Kloskowski, Scott Kelby, and Terry White, you can fill your whole day with Lightroom learning. Start with a few of the courses on the Lightroom track and see where it takes you!

I like having creative control, start to finish.

With a Design track everyday, the design enthusiast is sure to find something to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or advanced designer or photographer looking to do your own designs. Learn to create beautiful designs for commercial or personal use.

Give me a sunset, mountain top, or city view any day.

Take your landscape and travel photography to the next level with a track that is focused solely on getting the perfect image in those two genres. Capture a beautiful view the way you see it.

What’s my next move? I need some advice.

The Business/Inspiration track is designed for those who want to learn more about marketing their business better through social, easy video creation, portfolio help, and more. Learn from the setbacks and successes of instructors like Kaylee Greer, Glyn Dewis, and Larry Becker.

I’m a people person.

If you love to tell a story or get up close and personal with the occasional human—welcome to our portrait track. This track was created to help you perfect your portraits and learn step-by-step how to set-up and utilize different types of light to get amazing shots.

Explore the full conference schedule outlined by track. We look forward to seeing you all at Photoshop World West in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Learn photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop hands-on at Photoshop World: The KelbyOne Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.