Tweet of the Month| @photoshelter

We love this checklist by @photoshelter because it’s a great way to reflect on the diversity of your content. As a portrait photographer, are you only seeking out models that look like you? If so, why?

Whether you’re looking to hire diverse models, remove stereotypical depictions in your travel photography, or engage authentically in Black, Indigenous, or LGBTQIA+ communities, there’s always room for improvement.

Check out this month’s featured Tweet!

This thread is full of insightful questions like: “How much time do I spend with people and communities before photographing them? Am I taking the time to do my own research on and ask about underlying issues and context from the community or group I’m photographing?”.

We all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and not leave anyone out of the conversation.

Thank you to @photoshelter for sharing this valuable resource to help better our community!

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