If you’re an active KelbyOne member, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard the names Gilmar Smith and Mark Rodriguez mentioned. They’re both active members, constantly producing interesting work and chiming in on conversations in the community.

We recently asked these photographers (they typically shoot artistic self-portraits) to create photo bays for Photoshop World: A KelbyOne Conference 2018 in Orlando, Florida and they nailed it! Their booths were a huge hit. (Below are a couple of images from the booths.)

Because they’re such talented and creative artists, we decided to ask them on The Grid to discuss 10 of their favorite ways you can ignore your creativity on the cheap, so join us at 4pm ET as Gilmar and Mark co-host alongside Erik Kuna for what’s sure to be a lively conversation! Watch via KelbyOne.com or tune in via Scott Kelby’s Facebook page.