If you’re new to Lightroom, you might have a lot of questions. ‘How do I install Lightroom presets?’ ‘What ARE presets?’ ‘How do I manage my workflow and organize photos?’ ‘What’s the best way to make prints from Lightroom?’ Luckily you’ve come to the right place to get your answers.

Maybe you’ve scratched the surface of Lightroom editing, but want to dive deeper. Lightroom online classes are a perfect way to learn new skills and improve your images dramatically!

Here are some of our favorite online classes where beginners can start learning Lightroom!

1. Get Up to Speed Fast in Lightroom 2020 with Scott Kelby

In this class, Scott begins with a look at all of the new features added to Lightroom Classic, then moves on to the desktop version of the Lightroom cloud app, before wrapping up the class with a look at what’s new in the Lightroom for mobile app.

This is a huge class that will absolutely get you up to speed with everything you need to know about what is new across the entire Lightroom ecosystem.

2. The Complete Guide to Lightroom Classic & CC

Get ready to master the entire Lightroom ecosystem! Over the course of 80 individual lessons, Serge Ramelli will teach you his entire workflow and explore all of the features you need to know to become a Lightroom master!

3. Client Proofing Like a Pro Using Lightroom Classic

Join Terry White as he breaks down the process for selecting the best photos from a shoot, syncing them to the cloud, sharing them with your client, and viewing their interactions back in Lightroom. The collaborative proofing workflow in Lightroom is new and still evolving, so learn how to get started with it today!

4. Making Beautiful Photo Books in Lightroom Classic

In this next course, get ready to fall in love with making photo books in Lightroom Classic! Whether you are making books for a gift, for sale, or for yourself, you will come away with the skills to create an absolutely beautiful book that will knock your socks off.

5. Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques

Take your Photoshop and Lightroom Classic portrait workflow to the next level! In this class, you’ll learn the steps Scott takes for completing the compositing of the plate shots, cleaning up distractions from the backgrounds, making tonal value adjustments, completing the silhouette shots, adjusting color, and so much more.

Bonus: If you’re interested in the lighting and photography setups behind this course, check out his Intermediate Lighting Setups with Profoto first!

6. How to Make Beautiful Prints in Lightroom Classic

Lightroom has an amazing print engine, and once you learn the process there’s no turning back. From choosing your image settings to sharpening and soft proofing, Scott Kelby teaches you everything you need to know. Take this course and create beautiful prints!

7. Scott Kelby’s Simplified Lightroom Image Management (SLIM) System

Have you ever wished you could start your Lightroom catalog over from scratch and do it right? If you have, or if you are just starting to use Lightroom for this first time, then this class is for you. Simplified Lightroom Image Management system (SLIM) is what keeps Scott Kelby’s drive organized and he’s here to teach you how to use it for your work!

8. Editing Video and Creating Movies All in Lightroom

Did you know that you can create stunning videos and movies in Lightroom?! We didn’t know about these hidden features until Scott laid them out in this course. You’re going to be stunned to learn what you can do with video inside of Lightroom Classic!

9. Lightroom Workflow on the Go

Join Clifford Pickett as he takes you through his steps for automating your import workflow into Lightroom Classic, use keywords to help you find your photos, group them into collections, and set up your Lightroom Classic catalog to sync with the cloud.

10. Mastering Metadata in Lightroom Classic

Terry White takes a deep dive into all of the ways you can add, edit, and utilize information about your photographs in your workflow. Metadata is simply information about your photos and can include information applied during capture by your camera as well as information you add within Lightroom Classic. This course will get you started!

So now you have all the tools in your toolbox to get started in Lightroom!

Have any more questions about Lightroom while you’re learning? Join our KelbyOne community where you can field responses, advice, and help from fellow creatives, photographers, and Lightroom users. We hope to see you flexing your new-found Lightroom skills soon!