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Fake Bokeh with Lens Blur 
by Scott Valentine

Bokeh is a somewhat loaded term that can start arguments in any place where two or more photographers have gathered. In general, it refers to the quality of out-of-focus areas of an image and, in particular, how specular highlights and tiny light sources are represented.

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The Prime Portrait: The Difference Between f/2.8 and f/1.4
by Tom Bol

My lens assortment has grown and evolved throughout my career. I started with all prime lenses, as they were optically superior during that time. But zoom quality improved, and I started using two main lenses: 24–70mm and 70–200mm, both f/2.8. Optically, they were sharp, and the convenience of zooming through the focal lengths was terrific. Every five years or so, a sharper, quicker auto-focus version would come out, and I’d be first in line to upgrade. With these two lenses, I was good to go.

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