Summer is coming to a close, and so has our Member Challenge. From the look of these entries, we can tell that you all had one FUN summer! A big shout out to everyone who took the time to submit and share these images with us.

Now let’s announce our winners, and top finalist photos! You can look through all the amazing entries, over on the gallery page.

Member Challenge 51 Winner | Airon Mothershed

We were mesmerized by this absolutely wholesome and wondrous moment of a child and a sea mammal. This checked all the boxes for us, which is why Airon is our winner. Congratulations!

Airon Mothershed

Member Challenge 51 Runner-up | Paul Nickoley

The skill, timing, and precision it takes to get a photo like this is not lost on us. This surfer riding a wave swept us off our feet! Great job, Paul!

Paul Nickoley

Member Challenge 51 Honorable Mentions

For this challenge, here are our featured finalist picks! Congratulations to David Dressel, Douglas Scott, Greg Griffin, and John Dukes!

David Dressel
Douglas Scott
Greg Griffin
John Dukes

Head over to our community to extend your congratulations to our winner, runner up and challenge finalists. Amazing work everyone!

Be sure to look back at all our past Member Challenges for more examples of community awesomeness!

New Member Challenges

What theme will come next? Come back tomorrow to find out!

We will announce the next Member Challenge on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. That means your next photo assignment will be posted on October 7th!