All-in-One Photography Management Software

Review by Michael Corsentino

If your “system” for keeping your photography business organized consists of sticky notes here, there, and everywhere, random scribbles on the back of utility bills, and other highly effective methods (wink, wink), you may want to seriously consider Sprout Studio.

This powerful, yet easy-to-use, web-based system is the first suite of tools designed to provide photographers with the all-in-one solution they need to run a successful, organized, profitable photography business.

As anyone knows who owns a photography business (or anyone who aspires to will soon find out), there’s a lot more to it than just taking pictures. In fact, 80% of the business has nothing to do with your camera at all. The average week in any photography business includes emails to prospective and existing clients, sending out pricing guides, marketing the business, generating and sending contracts, bookkeeping, online and in-person sales, admin, scheduling, client management, billing and invoicing…and that’s all before noon! I’m kidding, but you get the point.

Sprout Studio is a purpose-built, completely integrated solution that gives photographers all the tools they need for studio management, online galleries, album proofing, and the all-important in-person sales, all within one beautifully designed ecosystem. Gone are the days when you need to seek out and pay for multiple solutions, which may or may not play well together.

With Sprout Studio you can collect, organize, track, and book prospective clients; generate and send electronic contracts; streamline your workflow with automatic task reminders; create online galleries for selling prints and products; host and send online album proofs to capture integrated client feedback; sell more wall portraits using Sprout’s in-person sales tools; do your bookkeeping; and monitor the success of your business with reports and analytics.

The skeptic in me always looks askance at anyone or anything claiming to be able to do it all, and do it well. Sprout Studio is the rare exception, and manages to exceed expectations by truly doing it all well, and packing a ton of highly valuable must-have features into one product, without making it overly complicated to use.

Start today with a 21-day free trial or sign up for one of the Sprout Studio monthly plans: Lite $17; Basic $34; Pro $49; and Studio $69. Also offered is additional storage at $10/month and additional users/brands at $5 and $3/month, respectively.■