Versatile 90W Bi-Color LED Light Kit

Review by Michael Corsentino 

Leading lighting manufacturer Westcott has added the Solix Bi-Color LED light to their stable of products. At 90W, the Solix is a powerful tool able to deliver up to 3,100 lux of continuous, flicker-free light at 1 m. In other words, it’s bright! In fact, Westcott claims the Solix is 45% brighter than its predecessor. With no bulbs to break or heat to worry about, LED certainly has its advantages. 

As its name implies, the Solix Bi-Color has user-adjustable color temperature, which ranges from 3200K for tungsten balance to 5600K for daylight balanced applications. This versatile combination of power and adjustable color temperature makes the Solix the perfect continuous light source for still photography and videography. 

With variable color temperature, color stability across the power range is especially important. The Solix excels in this department, with CRI and TLCI ratings of 97+ and 98+, respectively, which means reliable color regardless of your power or color temperature setting. 

Rock-solid build quality, along with a variety of thoughtful amenities, makes the Solix a compelling product. Useful features include a magnetic mounting system on the Solix’s housing for the barn doors, hard-plastic diffusion cap, and 12″ cone-shaped softbox. These can be used separately or in combination for a range of lighting effects. The Solix housing also includes a built-in speed ring compatible with softboxes, and an umbrella receptacle located on the mounting stem. It’s details like these that make the Solix a winner. 

The Solix can be operated via mains or battery power with 14.4 V batteries. Its digital interface makes operation fast, straightforward, and intuitive. Both power output and color temperature can be adjusted easily via one centrally located knob on the back. Even with a built-in fan to keep things cool, operation is quiet. Designed with portability in mind, the Solix weighs in at just 3.3 lbs and comes with a high-quality carrying case. Well done Westcott! ■