Lightweight, Collapsible, and Highly Portable Beauty Dish

Review by Michael Corsentino

We love beauty dishes for their quality of light, versatility, and signature catchlights. While they’re great in the studio, when it comes to portability, these large, heavy light modifiers, typically fabricated from metal, leave a lot to be desired.

The new Luna II 60 24″ Folding Beauty Dish from Phottix solves this problem by giving photographers everything they’ve come to love about their studio-based beauty dishes, but now in a lightweight, collapsible, highly portable, and affordable package.

The Luna II 60 is versatile: It can be used either as a beauty dish or a fully functional softbox by simply attaching the included diffusion fabric to its front. When used as a beauty dish, its white interior and diffusion disc deliver soft, direct, reflected light with the classic catchlight beauty dish users know and love. This can easily be changed to a punchier, more specular light by removing the included diffusion disc. In addition to the removable diffusion fabric and diffusion disc, Phottix includes honeycomb grid fabric that can be attached to the front of the Luna 60 to confine the spread of the light into a narrower beam. Build quality is solid with robust fabric and spring-tensioned rods with locking posts borrowed from Elinchrom’s much-loved Rotalux line of light modifiers. The Luna II 60 is simple and quick to set up, and the entire modifier can be folded down and stored in the included carrying case with its S-Type speed ring and extra fabrics attached!

If you love beauty dishes as much I do, now you can take one on location without breaking your back or needing a heavy-duty light stand to support it. The Phottix Luna II 60 is a highly portable, lightweight, and versatile solution, well done! ■