Stretchable-Rubber Design Fits All Camera Lenses

Review by Michael Corsentino

Lens technology marches on with amazing advances and breakthroughs in speed, optics, coatings, weight, and size. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for the lens and back caps we use as our first line of defense against unwanted grit, grime, scratches, moisture, and other environmental enemies. Hard-plastic lens cap and back cap design and functionality has remained relatively unchanged for as long as I can remember—until now!

KUVRD’s highly popular crowd-funded Universal Lens Cap changes all that with a stretchable one-size-fits-all lens cap/back cap solution. By abandoning the traditional hard-plastic design that for so long necessitated different appropriately sized lens caps for every piece of glass in your bag, KUVRD uses a stretchable high-performance rubber cap that fits virtually on every lens (with or without a lens shade). The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap can just as easily be used as a back cap or a cap to protect a speedlight! In fact, they sell a two-bundle set that’s perfect for protecting an entire lens from front to back.

More than just a new take on an old design, the Universal Lens Cap breaks new ground by giving your lenses the added protection they deserve. Its rubberized, swimming-cap-for-your-lens design is not only waterproof but dirt-proof and shock absorbent as well. The cap stretches over your lens, tightly sealing and protecting it from the elements when you need it, and folds down into a soft compact shape when you don’t. This malleable rubber design also makes it easy to store in a pocket or tight space when not in use—very clever.

With the Universal Lens Cap, the folks at KUVRD have actually managed to invent a better mousetrap. Well done! ■