Super-Light Wearable Action Camera

Review by Dave Williams

Tiny and mighty, the Insta360 GO 2 takes all the power Insta360 has at its disposal and crams it into a tiny package. Let’s start with the case. It’s not a lot bigger than the Apple Airpod Pro case, but it isn’t just a case: It’s a charging case, a controller, and a tripod. 

A half-hour charge gives you 2.5 hours of use, which exceeds the charge of most action cams. The user can control the camera from 33 ft (10m) away using the controls in the case, or you can fold out the legs on the case to stand it up like a tripod, leaving the camera inside the case. 

The camera is waterproof up to 13 ft and the software in the Insta360 app includes AquaVision, which retouches underwater footage to produce more realistic colors and remove the blue haze. AquaVision, like many other features of the software, is AI-based. Other features of the software include FlowState Stabilization, which smooths out footage to remove bumps, shakes, and jitters, and a Horizon Lock that keeps everything upright no matter what angle the camera is. 

The GO 2 includes a magnet pendant as well as an Easy Clip that has an adjustable angle, both ensuring the ultimate POV. 

At 1440p and 50fps, as well as hyperlapse and slow motion (120fps) options, a photo resolution of up to 2938×1088, and lens aperture of f/2.2, including interval shooting, Starlapse, and Night Shot modes, the capabilities of this little action camera, combined with its versatility, bring it up against the traditional “big players,” GoPro and DJI, with some healthy competition. And that’s at a reasonable price, too! Weighing in at 0.93 oz (26.5g) for the camera and 2.24 oz (63.5g) for the case, the Insta360 GO 2 is a great addition to a filmmaker’s toolkit. ■