Versatile, Lightweight Video Head

Review by Dave Williams

The AirHed Cine is the first dedicated video head that 3 Legged Thing has produced. This video head is lightweight and comes either in a standard video version or Arca-Swiss version, the Cine-S or the Cine-A, respectively.

Made from aerospace-grade magnesium and aluminum alloys, the video head offers strength and dependability, as well as being lightweight and well-suited to travelers and explorers. The design is as you’d expect from 3 Legged Thing, with ergonomic, practical, yet artistic features; for example, the cobweb patterns offset against functional elements such as mounting on either side for the detachable panning arm. This panning arm works in perfect tandem with the fluid motion of each movement afforded to the video head. The panning is ultra-smooth and offers precision tracking, and the tilt action is spring balanced, so the movement will stop where you stop and not go beyond that point. Its versatility is something often overlooked, giving the AirHed Cine an edge across the market.

The 360°-degree panning base can be locked off easily, and the side of the head features a ¼”–20 screw thread for attaching additional accessories. In addition, there are built-in spirit levels in both the clamp and the base for precise leveling. 

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m offering praise to the overall design and functionality of the AirHed Cine, from the friction control behind the tilt mechanism to the knurled clamp knob for locking off the motion, to the sleek angles and great colors. 

The AirHed Cine from 3 Legged Thing is, in my opinion, top of its class and is an excellent solution for anyone looking to add a video head to their arsenal. I’m left scratching my head trying to come up with any negatives, so I have no other option than to give this product a five-star rating. ■