Start creating impressive composites with the help of Tim’s latest class. Using his year of experience in the field, Tim shows you how to think about the entire process of creating a commercial composite. He starts with the approach to the job, moves on to the photographing of the subject itself and what factors to keep in mind while shooting, and then Tim reveals how to pull it all together in post processing. As Tim teaches you how to create the final image, he divulges tips and techniques he’s earned from years of work.

Here’s what Tim covers in this class:

1. Planning the Background
2. Gear Check
3. Lighting the Aircraft
4. Photographing the Backplate
5. Post Processing the Aircraft photos
6. Saving the Clipping Path
7. The Final Composite

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Tim Wallace

Based in England and working Internationally the work of commercial advertising photographer Tim Wallace is often described as dramatic and conceptual, it is well regarded and received both by commercial clients as well as within the advertising industry itself leading to awards such as; British Commercial Photographer of the Year, and UK Motor Industry Photographer of the Year. Tim works internationally with many high clients across the globe such as McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover, and Peugeot as well as shooting some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari. Over recent years he has also broadened the AmbientLife brand to include other transport related work such as HGV Truck and large vehicle photography, Aviation and aircraft work, engineering and logistics. Tim is a critically acclaimed photographer whose work has spanned both commercial and advertising clients for many years.

AmbientLife is the brand that Tim created back in 2006 and that he operates his commercial photography under. Tim is often at our Photoshop World events where he openly talks about starting and running a photography business as well as giving advice on how to find and approach your market. His ability to capture and create shots that showcase not only a car as it appears visually but also its sheer personality and soul are much sought after and often written about when he talks to magazines and in interviews that he gives in the Europe and US.