You’re not limited to a studio for great portraits anymore—the Profoto B1 X opens up a world of possibilities. Watch as Scott Kelby takes you through the Profoto B1 X from top to bottom. He talks about the controls, the modeling light, battery life, the speed ring, and more. In this class, you’ll also see an on-location fashion shoot as well as a jumpstart lesson so you can get up and running in the field fast!

Here’s a quick overview of the class: 

  1. Introducing the B1 X
  2. The Battery
  3. Basic Controls
  4. The Modeling Light
  5. Advanced Features
  6. High Speed Sync
  7. The Speed Ring
  8. The Air Remote
  9. Balancing Ambient Light
  10. Safari Fashion Shoot on Location
  11. Quick Start Guide

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Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference, Training Director and instructor for KelbyOne Live Seminars, and author of a string of bestselling technology and photography books.